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That title seemed appropriate since I have gone through 27 days of the Insanity workout. Something about exercising makes me want to do better in other areas of my life. I've traded wine for Cranberry Juice (still using a wine glass). I don't crave M&Ms anymore, and the need for chocolate at all seems to be reserved for around that time. I love salads. Since I can’t get all of my nutrients from candy and ice cream, salads will have to do.

Spinach & Herb Black Bean Salad Wrap

Spinach & Herb Black Bean Salad Wrap

I sent this picture to my cousin and she asked me what was in it so that she could get the ingredients and make it next week. I told her I’d write her back after while. She’ll be surprised when I send her a link to this post.

Once I make a salad, I always think, “Ooooh this is pretty!”  I’ve got a million - well maybe ten or so - pictures of salad stored in my cellphone. Certainly enough to have a Salad Saturday theme for at least two months - so here we go.

Spinach & Herb Black Bean Salad Wrap

  • Xtreme Wellness OLE Mexican Foods Spinach & Herbs Tortilla Wraps (I’ve only found these at Walmart - they are THE best wrap I have found - always very fresh)
  • Red Onion
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Small can of black olives (I like the jalapeno kind)
  • Mexicorn - 11oz can by Green Giant
  • Can of Black beans
  • Kraft Lite Anything Three Cheese Ranch
  • Spinach & Herb Salad Wrap
  • Chopped Bag Lettuce

Drain black beans, olives, corn, and combine in a bowl with chopped red onion. This will be enough to makes bunches of wraps or have as a salad topping. Put about a tablespoon of  the Three Cheese Ranch on the wrap. Add the chopped salad, then top with the beans, corn, olives and onion mixture. Slice up a few grape tomatoes, roll it up and you are done. 

Here’s the thing... I buy a big bag of the Taylor Farms Lettuce from Sam’s. It’s cheap and it goes a long way because it’s bulky. The Sweet Butter Red combination I buy from a grocery store. If I bought that alone, I would only get two salads out of it. These will be in all of my salad combinations. 

I've started a Salads & Wraps board on Pinterest. 

Do you have any great salad ingredients to pass on?

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