My constant companion...

I’m talking about my shadow, who made it to day 36 of the Insanity workout - not Papa Bear. 

So what’s up with the tall skinny shadow still having wide hips and big calves? My shadow looks like I have on wide leg pants but I’m wearing shorts. Humph. 

This was my shadow today at 7:28 am EST.

This morning in North Carolina, I imagine our weather can be compared to Chicago when they get their first nice day after a long Winter.

I opened the windows this morning before sunrise. The cool air rolling in just tickled my senses. I couldn’t wait to put Christopher on the bus so I could “hopefully” go for a walk.

I have been doing the Insanity workout for over a week by myself. I lost my workout partner to a “hurt back”. Yeah that was a good excuse for the first few days. But when he let a 75 pound Baby Bear ride on his back from his friends house because his flip flop broke, I was suspicious.

I took Friday and the weekend off because this week begins Month Two. In a generous attempt to share the workout time again, I suggested to Papa Bear that we could start over. I completed Month One, but I wouldn’t consider myself an Insanity pro or ready for the Month 2 workouts whose titles all start with “Max” this and “Max” that. Now what exactly is Max Recovery?

So I suggested - sarcastically and sympathetically - that we start over because his back wouldn’t be able to handle Month Two. I was already getting grumpy about staying in the house this morning and starting on Day One of the Insanity workout - with a slow to get moving partner. So I asked as hopeful as I could muster, “Are you working out today?” The answer was a flat, “No” and I heard the hallelujah chorus.

My walk was wonderful and speedy. I was light on my feet and I jogged in intervals. I made sure I ended in a jog up to the house just in case Papa Bear was looking out the window; he would have been proud - or jealous.

So you might want to know if 35 days of the Insanity workout was worth it? Absolutely! If you looked at my numbers you might say, “That’s it?” I only lost a half pound from Day One. I gained an inch in places and lost an inch in others. But my clothes fit like I have on a pair of Spanks. I still wiggle into my bottoms but they zip up nice and look good on. My legs feel hard and there is an upper thigh part that I call “my hams” and they have disappeared.

When the alarm goes off in the morning and I sit up in the bed, nothing feels old, broke, tired or tight. I’m still careful because I’m so used to not being able to hop out of bed. Now I am surprised that I can. When I squat to do anything it doesn’t hurt to stand back up. I sat on the floor with Christopher to play a game yesterday and I had no problem getting up from the floor. 

Those are big changes even though the numbers don’t say much. I feel great. Will I do Insanity again? Yes. I feel like I have completed the challenge. I’ll jump back in for those weather days that I can’t do outside. That’ll probably be next week. Fall is not here for keeps. 

Here’s the thing... working out with Papa Bear is not on my list of favorite things to do, I am sure that was evident in previous posts. I just prefer working out alone. However, I would not have made it through the first week without him. If you want to try it out on your own, blog about it and make yourself accountable to your followers. I for one will be your cheerleader as you all did for me. 

Kenya G. Johnson - Day 36 and holding....

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