In Remembrance of them...


The one thing about living "away" is that we can't go back for everyone's funeral. I have lived "away" for my entire life and I don't have much experience with death or going to funerals. Plenty of people have died, but when you don't attend the funeral you can choose to forget that they are not here. There's no closure.

Dear CW,

I am so sorry that I didn't know you were sick. I wish I could have provided light in your darkest hours. I wish that you were still here. I'll always wonder why and never understand why you are not. I'll treasure the memories, though there were few. I'll miss you. I'll still think that you are here... until you are not there.



May 1970 - September 2012



Today is a difficult day for many people. Today is a National Day of Remembrance. Today I choose to remember my friends and loved ones in the way that they lived and not how they died. 

When sadness comes to you, you need to know that it arrives only as a visitor and not as a permanent guest. ~Douglas Pagels

My condolences to all,

Kenya G. Johnson

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