Any leftovers?


Any leftover chicken will do!

On any given night, the boys are having "chicken again" with either, corn, peas, green beans and something cheesy or starchy.

  1. I hate peas
  2. I don't like canned green beans
  3. I can do without canned corn
  4. Cheesy expands my waistline
  5. Ditto to something starchy

So what do I do? I eat salad. This weeks salad is very simple.

Leftover Chicken Salad

  • Leftover chicken
  • salad greens
  • grape tomatoes

I'm not a big fan of salad dressing, especially when I'm having a salad with leftover chicken. I usually spray my salad with Olive Oil and mix in a little Balsamic Vinegar. The chicken is already seasoned, therefore I don't want too much of a salad dressing flavor - just something to wet the greens.

Here's the thing... this is my third 'Salad Saturday'. You can find the previous ones on my Salads & Wraps Pinterest board.  Stay weeks salad will have the kitchen sink in it.

Kenya G. Johnson