SOC: Waging War on Fear...

Today’s (optional) prompt via Jana's thinking place: Who has dropped into your life and made it better?


This is supposed to be a 5 minute brain dump. When I read the prompt this morning, I instantly knew what I wanted to write about. I thought there's no way I can write THAT post in five minutes.

Someone who has made an impression on your life.... well I think you could really go on and on.

The "who" that dropped in my life is more of a what. It is a book I read, titled Waging War on Fear. I won't go on and on because I have a copy and paste from a book I have yet to publish called, Our Courage, God's Grace.  You'll have to read these letters to see what dropped into my life and made it better. 

February 23, 2004
Brookland Baptist Church
c/o Author: Betty Parker

Dear Mrs. Parker:

I was visiting my parents the weekend of February 7th and was in church to hear Rev. Jackson talk about your book. I was probably the third person in line after the early service to buy it. I saw both of your beautiful children.  Knowing that you had a second child after all you had been through with Justice, I had to write and tell you what a blessing your book was to me. First of all, I am an amateur writer myself. A very good friend of mine and I were trying to get pregnant at the same time and decided to write a book about our experiences of pregnancy and motherhood. The book has been started and put on hold because I haven’t had a baby yet. I was pregnant and miscarried right at three months on January 2, 2003. I have written a few excerpts over the past year just to record my thoughts, emotions and my whole experience with miscarrying. One thing that I’ve said over and over again was how scared I would be to become pregnant again. I said how awful the first 12 weeks would be. I couldn’t ever imagine enjoying a pregnancy again because of the fear of going through that emotional and physical pain again. I thought I was robbed of ever having the feeling that a woman has when she is pregnant for the first time and the joy of sharing that experience with everyone. Thank you for showing me the work of the devil in my life. I had not ever prayed to be unafraid. I prayed selfish prayers of “why me?” and “when is it going to be my turn?” It’s been over a year and I wondered why I had not conceived again. I don’t know why I wasn’t allowed to have my first child but I know now that God would not allow me to conceive again knowing that I would let the devil steal my joy. I wish it hadn’t taken me a year to figure this out. Your book has been such a blessing to me. I just finished it this morning. In reading each of your prayers in the back of the book, almost all of them apply to me. I will be able to pray sincerely now for the blessing that I know has already been promised! God Bless You!


Kenya Gallion Johnson

Hi Kenya,

I just read your letter and you don't know how you've blessed me with your kind words. This book was an act of obedience on my part, and I believe this is a story God wanted me to tell. I have received several letters like yours and it confirms that I have followed His will. He is awesome! Don't give up on parenthood. It is the most gratifying and taxing role you'll ever endure. I think everyone should be blessed with the opportunity. I never knew I could love like this. God will allow you to experience that same love. Just trust in Him. What I don't mention in the book is that I had to go through infertility treatments to get both of my kids. So not only was carrying them difficult (I was on bed rest for 6 mos. with my second child, primarily at home, only one brief stay in the hospital and two surgical procedures), but even conceiving was a challenge. Having a baby is very difficult for a lot of people. I work in the fertility field and there are women who go through multiple miscarriages. I've heard as many as 8 times with one woman. So don't be discouraged. It is difficult, no doubt. But when you finally succeed, all of the hard work and heartache will be quickly soothed. Also keep in mind that there are many children out there being born whose parents feel they cannot raise them. They are in dire need of a family and the love of a woman like you who they would gladly call "mom". Adopting a child is an even greater blessing, and I'm even considering it myself. Please share my story with others and continue to write your own. You can bless others as well by your experience.

All my best to you,
Betty M. Parker
Author, Waging War On Fear

Here's the thing...

Today I have a seven year old, and his name is Christopher. He was born the December following when these letters were written. Did you get goosebumps?