Reappraised Value...


Today's 5 minute Stream of Consciousness writing prompt via Jana's Thinking Place

How did YOU choose your major or career path?

It was 1989. I had returned home from one year of college. My resume listed Baskin Robbins, Piggly Wiggly, The Fresh Market and Harris Teeter for my previous employers.

My daddy got me an interview where he worked and someone gave me an opportunity.

I worked there for seven years until I got married. When my husband and I moved overseas shortly after marriage, I worked as an Admin Assistant for three years.

Returning back to the states, I picked up where I left off. Getting a job in insurance was easy with seven years experience, even with the three-year gap.

I left the insurance industry after nineteen years and decided to go back to school. I wanted to change careers. I wanted to pursue a career in writing.

If I could go back, would I choose differently?

Times up - I either type slow or I stop to reflect a lot.  I’ll take another minute if you don’t mind. I can't leave my stream of consciousness hanging. 


Twenty five years later…

I cannot take a step backwards to wallow in doubt over the career choices I have made or wonder if I’ve earned the right to dream bigger.

God takes us on journeys. The places we have been, prepare us for the places we will go. Without my past, I wouldn’t be present in my future.

Would I choose differently?

Absolutely not.

My reappraised value is ‘good as new’.

Carry on.

Kenya G. Johnson

Hold fast to dreams/For if dreams die,  
Life is a broken-winged bird/That cannot fly.

~Langston Hughes

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