Paying it Forward...

I came across this quote on the Facebook page for Walking My Talk:

Kindness in Words Creates Confidence

Kindness in Thinking Creates Profoundness

Kindness in Giving Creates Love

 ~Walking My Talk

Yesterday I wrote about someone whose “Kindness in Words [...]” created confidence. An unexpected review of my book gave me the confidence to unlock some ideas I had been suppressing.  

There is power in “word of mouth”, so I wanted to pay it forward by giving someone else a review. I am mentioning Facebook again, because this is how I heard about Chaundra Smith and her Naturally Me products.

Being a recovering hair care product junkie, I took my time to carefully review the products on her website before making a purchase. I have a rule that I must finish up something that I have before I can try something new. However, in many instances/attempts to find natural hair care products, I’ve had to give or throw some away. They either made me itch, break out, or the smell was overwhelming.

I have an irreversible gag reflex from eight years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I cannot stomach the smells of some things right out of the bottle. Combine that with a little workout sweat or morning humidity and you’ll see me walking around with a sour look on my face. I am happy to report, none of this has occurred while using Naturally Me products.

My review:

Have you ever been putting lotion on your legs or leave in conditioner in your hair and wiped your hands clean with a towel or rinsed them off?

What I like about the Naturally Me products is that they are multi-functioning. I ordered All Over Butter which can literally be used from head to toe. I love this product now, but I am really going to love it in the Winter when my hands and feet get really dry. 

When using the All Over Butter, I start with my clean feet and then put socks on. The product that remains on my hands, I then put on my legs (especially great after shaving). The little that still remains on my hands I smooth over the back of my hair which has to be moisturized daily. I haven’t wasted any of it by rubbing my hands off with a towel. All Over Butter is offered in a variety of scents as well as unscented. I chose ‘Smile’ and I was not disappointed.

The shampoo comes in a bar like body soap, and can also be used from head to toe. I don’t want to waste it, so I only bring it in the shower when I am going to shampoo my hair. I use the shampoo bar for my neck and up. My hair and face feel squeaky clean, but not stripped of essential oils. There isn’t much of a lather on the first shampoo when my hair is really dirty, but the second shampoo more than makes up for the first. I am usually satisfied with two shampoos. 

The last product is the 3 in 1 conditioner. It can be used as a deep conditioner, however the results for me were better rinsing after five minutes (I have short relaxed hair). You can use it for a leave in conditioner (I do) and you can also use it for co-washing - which means wash your hair with conditioner. Sounds weird but this something I use to do in high school, so I understood what that meant. Co-washing is probably best when you have a wash and go hairstyle (one that wasn’t dirty but needed to start off wet to achieve a certain look).

I hope I sold you on something. If you are like me just one visit to look around her website will have you drooling. Her categories also include products for eczema, pets, goodies to create a spa party and a variety of soy candles. Additionally, I found her prices to be very reasonable.

Here’s the thing... I sent Chaundra Smith an e-mail to let her know that I was really enjoying the products I ordered. I told her that I write in a blog and I was going to write a review. I asked for a coupon code saying “no pressure” because I would do the review anyway and she sent me a code! Now how cool is that? 

Take advantage of 20% off your order from now through the end of October with the code kj20. Thanks Chaundra!

Also check out this page where you learn how the Naturally Me business cares and pays it forward.

Kenya G. Johnson

Sporadically Yours