The Domino Effect: "life as a writer"


My life as a non-fiction writer has been a closed book at times, waiting to live the next chapter before I can write it.

I awake reeling in disappointment, in my life as a fiction writer, from not remembering last night’s dreams. I haven’t remembered the elaborate tales of my slumber because that is not the writer I am – yet.

Who am I and why am I here?

I am the genre that I write. In my corner of the writing universe I tell stories – true stories. I was a blogger before I became an author. My readers at 'Here's the thing' laugh with me, cry with me, and reflect with me. In turn, their comments, networking and friendship have helped to connect the dots in my story. 'Here's the thing' has been uplifting for all of us.

Here’s how the domino effect, connected the dots to tell this one:

I have self-published a book titled, The Christopher Chronicles. When I was promoting the first edition early last year, I tweeted something like "First person to retweet will get a free copy of The Christopher Chronicles." Just so happens the retweeter lived in Canada and I live in the United States. I won't lie - I cringed, thinking how much is THAT going to cost?

It turned out to be worth much more than the $20+ charge for snail mail. Months later she sent me an e-mail telling me she enjoyed the book and wondered if I would like to participate in an author interview that would appear on Why of course!

The domino effect, led to something I had not anticipated. I immediately had to change my "confusingly similar" subtitle. Complying by the seat of my pants I made the changes in swift order, but I was no longer happy with that edition. It was fixed, but it was now tainted with imperfection - broken. I was not happy to promote something that I was no longer in love with, so I unpublished the title while I pondered, "Now what?"

Meanwhile as the dominos fell, the revised first edition had been purchased by someone who had read the author interview on Examiner. Her review was a surprise and just the domino effect I needed; I immediately began working on The Christopher Chronicles, Age 5 - Second Edition. A blurb from her review appears on the back of the book:

"Lighthearted and easy to read, it is peppered with more than a modicum of wit, and I guarantee you're going to chuckle or even laugh out loud (more than once)." 

Life as a author...

Anne of Green Eggs & Moms, another social media domino, reached out to me months ago:

Hi Kenya! How are you? I wanted to do a review on The Christopher Chronicles but couldn't find any Kindle version, now there isn't a printed book in stock :( Would you know when the book would be available?

At the time the second edition was in proof mode. I had just started promoting again for "pre-orders". Anne lived in the Philippines, and I immediately thought about the cost of sending her a snail mail hard copy. I wanted to get the book to her ASAP and for free. 

I began working on an electronic copy. I had no idea how time consuming it was to reformat a book for the Kindle. I finally finished on what was election night in the United States, at 3:00 in the morning; leaving the graphics out. I wouldn't want to sell the e-book or have the book reviewed without the graphics. So onto the unknown Plan B.

I wanted Anne's experience in reading The Christopher Chronicles, to look just like the paperback with the strategically placed graphics. I ended up creating an electronic copy and giving her temporary access to it through my website. Look how it paid off!

Review snippet:

"The cartoonish graphics, which I assume are caricatures of Christopher, contribute and complement the playful wit of the book, the way a tart apple and salty cheese pairing delight the taste buds."

Connecting the dots

There was this blog hop coming up. I really wanted to participate, but I was stuck on the theme, "life as a writer". When I received the e-mail from Anne, telling me her review was live,   I immediately saw this post in my head. I knew this "life as a writer" post was going to be the missing link that would mean more to me, than anyone who would read it. Remember I said,

"My life as a non-fiction writer has been a closed book at times, waiting to live the next chapter before I can write it."

The next chapter of my book is live and I am awake to tell the story.

Here’s the thing… I am adding some more dominos by linking this post with this Saturday’s Writers and Authors Blog Hop.

Dedicated to Antoinette Dickson author of A Serendipitous Sojourn, one who continues to push me out of my comfort zone - quite successfully.