Looking Back: Poetry Revisited

Click to website: Shirt designed by Sonya M. Jones @Tee-iabo Designs

Click to website: Shirt designed by Sonya M. Jones @Tee-iabo Designs

There's a quote that says something like, don't look back because you'll miss what's right in front you.

Sometimes you have to look back just to see how much you have grown. Looking back encourages the next step once you realize what you've already accomplished.

When I wrote this poem, I had been a sporadic blogger with a little over twenty published blog posts. I was not an author and I was trying to dig my way out of a comfort zone that wasn't all that comfortable. 

From 9/27/2011 - 

Writer to Imagination

You make me laugh
You make me smile
I’m into you
Please stay awhile
I am afraid
I have my life
I am a wife
with stuff to do
A mom
with the notion
there’s no time for you
You were my first love
when I was younger
and carefree
How could I deny
the path ahead of me
I chose not to try
When things went awry
I lost parts of you I could never regain
You’ve come back to me
I’m more mature
You are what’s been missing
What I’ve been looking for
Will you stay with me
Be there for me
Give me the direction
I need
to learn how to fly
to soar
If I will give you my time
Will you inspire me once more
Allow me to dream
And broaden my mind
Teach me who I can be
Help me to see
No need to sneak around
we are free
to be together
Because you are
My gift
From God
My muse
to use
My seed
to sow
to reap
to share

Please stay

Kenya G. Johnson ©2011

Here's the thing... 12,000 words and counting; there is a story here. The story made its way to paper three months after I wrote this piece. Today I am looking back and revisiting in order to encourage my next step. 

Sporadically Yours