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I knew this photo would come in handy. I took it last month with the intentions to do a guest "travel post", but I never wrote one. The post needed to be a touristy attraction. But it wasn’t. The last time I went on vacation, I was at my Mother-in-laws house. It was a road trip from here to there and all the fun I had was on Facebook. 

12/20 - I'll admit to being a coffee snob and that I have to be armed for coffee situations... Related Post "Armed for a coffee situation"


  • First time packing a surge protector to charge all of our gadgets... Extra batteries for the Walkman back in day was easier.

  • Hello Columbia - just passing through — at Krispy Kreme Columbia.

  • Okay so there's nothing left but donut holes because they are waiting for the truck to come in :-O whatchu talkin' bout Willis? — at Krispy Kreme Columbia.

  • Christopherism alert: Mom I am going to sleep now. Tell daddy don't 'bodder' me unless I can have some more donuts.

  • Hello to my Atlanta friends - passing through on I-20 — at Atlanta, GA.

  • Christopherism alert: "Oh my gosh the sky is out numbered with airplanes. This is creepy like Battleship." — at Atlanta - Hartfield International Airport.

  • Yes LAWD! Now I lay me down to sleep - SOON — at Residence Inn Montgomery. Related Post "It's a Wonderful Sleep"


  • It's another days journey and I'll be glad about it when we get there...

  • We made it! I'm wearing my MILs perfume. Ahhhchooooo!


  • I'm texting my daddy. If it was 12/21 I would be worried.

  • Christopher asked Maw Maw if she wanted to go sit on the porch. She said, "Oh no sweetie I can't go in that wind, they got the flu goin' round."


  • Trying to justify whether or not I would be annoyed if my daughter-in-law left dirty dishes in the sink. Yeah probably would call her lazy... Guess I'll go make myself useful. ~conversations with me, myself & I

  • Christopher just put two cookies under the tree and said, "Dad don't eat these, they're for Santa."


  • As they say here, Christopher woke up 'fo day in the mornin'. Merry Christmas!!

  • Made especially for me! Ground turkey, shrimp and eggplant stuffed in bell pepper! Yum! Recipe below



  • No choice for location - I am sitting under the hair dryer next to the stove which baked biscuits this morning. The heat is on. Needless to say it is HOT and I will last as long as a I will with a brand new workout on January 1st.

  • Husbands Aunt said to me, "You sholl look good, you done put on some weight, but it's in all the right places."

  • I'm okay! — at Skate City of Lake Charles. Related Post “A Sprawl down Memory Lane.”


  • MIL told me I could change the bedding and put some fresh sheets on. I don't want to, I'm ready to go home!


  • Hitting I-10 eastbound today! Been here so long my mustache needs to be shaved. Awww don't "ack" like y'all don't have one :-D

  • Bittersweet — at I-10 Eastbound To Baton Rouge.

  • Checkin' in halfway - woo hoo - watchin' football, eatin' and chillin' out on the menu — at Residence Inn Montgomery.

  • Last post of the year (I think). Shout out to Residence Inn Marriott, Montgomery, Alabama AND Papa Bear for making it happen... "I'm going on a trip to Piscataway"


  • Christopherism alert: "I don't like this orange juice with those little hairs in it." (pulp) — at Residence Inn Montgomery.

  • I wish I would pay a scale 25 cents to tell me how much I weigh. Puh-leeze!

  • Jet fuel for the last leg. — at Starbucks.

  • We made it home safely and without smashing any country rodents. Now let's see if I can unpack and be settled before the ball drops.

  • Just unpacked my sports bra and said, "Yeah right."

Here’s the thing... someone left a comment to my last Facebook post “Enjoyed the running blog of your trip.” So it wouldn't qualify as a guest travel post, but it was kind of a touristy attraction after all, right? No?

The End

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