They were on sale...


"It was on sale." That's what I say about everything I buy. Sometimes it's actually true.

It's Monday, and I'm linking up a Monday Listicles post. This one is themed 10 things in your closet.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do here...

1) I JUST cleaned out my closet last month. I had so much stuff in there, it collapsed. I had to ask my husband for a new closet and that's what I got for my birthday.

2) I've also written a post about shoes (I was trying to get rid of), which I titled CENSORED, NOT FOR MEN! - because I didn't want my daddy to read it and know all our secrets. 


3) I was putting together this post on Saturday morning when I should have been packing for a weekend trip. I was trying to find the best lighting for these ugly shoes. Why did I buy them? Why do I still have them? I wear a size ten shoe. The idea is to find shoes that make my foot look smaller, not bigger. These didn't do that.. I never wore them. They were on sale of course. 

4) These boots give new meaning to the words toe jam. I bought them in Chicago in 2006. I will keep them forever as a souvenir from a wonderful girls weekend.


5) AFTER our last rare snow in 2009
 I bought these "snow" boots. I had caught a bad cold and I blamed it on my feet getting wet through sneakers.

No snow, and no puddles to splash in. They are still brand new in the box - the fingerprints are from handling them.


6) These are my wedding shoes. I had been all over the place looking for the perfect shoe. I was in Sears getting a tire repaired and I found them in the Sears shoe department. Who knew?!

They were a size nine. How did my foot get a size bigger in fifteen years? Yeah I know - a baby, extra pounds and water retention. Sodium is not my friend.


7) I bought these before we went to Louisiana last month. They were my emergency fat jeans. I was able to breathe fine in the ones I had, so I never had to use these. Plus I had discovered yoga pants which I wore until I had to go somewhere in real pants. I was going to take these back but I lost the receipt. Don't you hate that? 


8) I saved up for this purse skimming a little off the top. I love love love this bag. I changed purses to this one before we left. I call it my winter purse but we haven't really had winter. I mean it was spring last week. It's going to be high 48 on Tuesday when we travel back home, so I thought I'd have my winter purse in tow. 


9) I've had these a long time. They are a 9 1/2 but I can still wear them for a short time. I wore them to church once this summer. They were fine until we went to Walmart afterwards - then - not so good. 

Have you ever looked at another women and could tell that her feet hurt?

10) They were on sale!


I bought these when I went shopping with one of my neighbors. I was the one who found them and she bought a pair too. Isn't there an unwritten shopping with your friend rule that says you can only buy the exact same thing if you don't live around each other? 

Here's the thing... I really would have been fine with it but her feet are smaller than mine and these boots looked way cuter on HER feet. Humph.