The next best thing...

Christopher and I usually go home for my daddy's birthday weekend. This weekend usually precedes the King holiday so we have an extra day. When I planned the trip this year, I didn't know that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was also going to be Inauguration Day. Normally I would get on the road on Monday morning to head back home. 

As it worked out, Tuesday was a teacher workday and Christopher didn't have school. So we stayed another day and we were able to watch the Inauguration together.


Daddy pulled out his camera, I shined up Christopher's face and brushed his hair. Mom and I put eyes and lips on and removed the shine from our faces.

I had a flashback to Inauguration Day 2009. As it worked out that year, there was a rare snow day in much of the southeast. My husband, Christopher and I were home to watch. Mom and Dad had snow too, so I was able to chat with them on the phone.


Christopher at age four kept asking when we were going outside to play in the snow and he wouldn't take "soon" for an answer. But he patiently hung in there letting me get some pictures of him standing by the television.

The quality of this photo is going to drive my daddy nuts. I have never read the manual to my little camera, so when I take a picture - it is what it is, it's gonna be what it's gonna be.

Here is my favorite of all the ones he shot on Monday. We didn't sit like this the whole time. It was a run and get in position picture and the one where we look the most natural. In the other photos, mom looked like she was going to tip over.


Then we traded places.


And the next best thing to being there...

was watching with my family...

on high def.