Some things change...

Some things remain the same...

This week's Monday Listicles prompt:

10 things you thought as a child you would do/be.

My response as a child, teenager and young adult, I thought...


1. I thought I would write poetry and recite them like Maya Angelou. [-)

In the seventh grade I wrote a poem that was chosen to read over the loud speaker during the morning announcements. All I had to do was talk into the microphone (no visual audience). I practiced how I would sound reading it. It was kind of like practicing for a solo in the shower. The results weren’t the same. :-SS

2. I thought I would have a Volkswagen beetle, but my daddy insulted the old lady by telling her how much he would pay for the car. :-?

Never mind that we didn’t even have the $700 he was offering and I didn’t have a driver’s license. #-o

3. I thought I would have a Journalism scholarship. :-SS

It was narrowed down to four of us. I didn’t get it. :-<

4. I thought I would have a Journalism degree. :-B

I only completed my freshman year. 8-|

5. I thought I would live in Charlotte, NC. Far enough that daddy couldn’t do a drive by to see if I was home, and close enough to come home anytime I wanted. [-O<

Alas, I was still living at home when I met my Marine husband. I left home when I was twenty-six and moved far far away. :-O :-<

6. I thought I would live in a house with a white picket fence. [-)

Not base housing. The partial picket fence came later. ;)

7. I thought I would have five kids. :-O

Since I didn’t get married until I was twenty-six. I settled for three. After my first miscarriage, I said I’d be happy with one. After Christopher was born, I was satisfied. I said it would be God’s will if I had another baby. :)

8. I thought I would have one or two dogs. [-)

I have several fish. 8-|

9. I thought I would never go back to school. [-)

I did. <:-P

10. I thought I’d never be interested in football. (:|

This rings true. ;))

Here’s the thing… the only thing I am looking forward to on Sunday is to see M&M's top last year’s “I’m sexy and I know it” commercial. =))