Tardy for the Party...

I hate to admit I know my title to be an ear bleeding recorded track from the second season of Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). How did I start watching it? Well first of all, we had cable back then. It was the Sunday after Thanksgiving 2008 and I was sick in bed. There was a RHOA marathon playing on one of the cable channels, I watched it all day and got hooked. I went on to watch two more seasons until I was over the ridiculous hype.

This is a ‘Finish the sentence Friday’ post.

“When it comes to reality TV shows, I…” – hate them.

At that statement alone, I didn’t know how I would finish this post. We don’t have cable television, and haven’t had it now for quite some time. Even though a great deal of the most talked about reality shows are available on Netflix I refuse to watch them (get hooked).

But that doesn’t mean I never got sucked in back in the day.

I remember watching three full seasons of The Real World. There was one with Tami who had an abortion on the show. There was one with Ruthie who I was surprised didn’t die on the show from alcohol poisoning. Then there was Pedro who found out he was HIV positive on the show and later died.  Even today, it’s heart wrenching to me that their lives and troubles were so public and called “entertainment”.

I was an American Idol fan for a couple of seasons. I jumped up and down in the living room when Ruben Studdard won, and my husband looked at me like I was crazy . I wanted Ruben to win even though I LOVED the song Clay Aiken sang. It was Bridge over Troubled Water and I still have the live version on my iPod. I also watched the year Kelly Clarkson won over that big curly hair guy who I did not think was all that to be the runner up. 

I watched two seasons of Tori and Dean. I only intended to watch the first episode of the second season so I could see the kids "Monkey and Buggy". Then I got hooked.

I watched a season of Deon and Pilar. I think there was only one.

As far as I know Tori and Dean are still together. Deon and Pilar are in an ugly place  - divorced and estranged. 

One time when I was considering graduate school for Journalism, I daydreamed that I would do my thesis research on the before and after of reality show relationships and what the fame does to people. In the end the relationships of the people involved seem to take a beating and then it’s everybody’s business. My star witness in denial would have been Kate of “Kate Plus 8”.

For the few years that we did have cable it was a Time Warner hookup. We were never billed for it. :-O I shrugged it off thinking it must have come with the house. [-)

Here's the thing... one day out of the blue, our cable was disconnected. There was a yellow tag flapping from our front door that read, “Sorry, unless you are a Time Warner cable subscriber you will not be able to finish this season of America’s Next Top Model” and I was devastated.


Finish the Sentence Friday