From Regular to Decaf...

10 things I have NO intention of changing in 2013

1. No matter how I've tried to wean myself from caffeine, decaf just doesn't taste as good and the headache is not worth it.[-)

2. My blog design. I think I'll stay put this year. Despite purple not being my favorite color, I love it here. :x

3. My cellphone. I'm still using my first iPhone. I passed the two year mark, there's been two upgrades since mine and I'm still satisfied. <:-P

4. My cellphone case. I'll admit I went through many GREEN cases because that was my favorite color (phase over). The case I'm finally satisfied with, I've had for over six months (another record) and it is mostly purple. :-OGo figure.

5. My hair. I will not color it. But don't hold me to it.:^o

6. My hair. I will not cut it super short even if I lose twenty pounds. :^o

7. The color of my office space. I'll look at paint swatches as much as I'll peruse the hair color aisle at Walgreens. :-? In the end, I'll leave with nothing. #:-S

8. The way I don't want to respond to blog awards. Though I received one today and she's was just so doggone sweet about respecting and admiring ME and four other bloggers. :

9. My sense of humor. It feels good to be myself - keepin' it real. ;))

10. My outlook on the future. My word for 2013 is Extraordinary. I'm expecting something extraordinary to happen [-O<and I'm not talking about losing twenty pounds and getting a Halle Berry haircut. :-j

Here's the thing... I'm serious about #10. Don't hold me to anything else on this list except for #1. I am not switching from regular to decaf and that's my final answer.