It's not rocket science...

It's Elementary MATH!

Yesterday evening we were at a Soccer photo shoot. A mom had ordered $42 worth of stuff and she gave me $60. We only had $1 bills to give back in change.

I counted up... 43 , 44, 45, 46, 47 - she said, "Oh I hate to take all your change, let me add something." So she found something that was $8. I had to add 42+8 and give her how much?

Ten, that was easy - 1, 2, 3.... she said, "Oh let get something else, let me get two of those." Ok so I had to add 16 to the original 42 - all even numbers.

Really Kenya? I felt super dumb. I didn't want her to see that I had to think about it. 

Just the other day I had to privately google reasonable and compatible numbers to understand Christopher's homework. 

Then there are days like this... 

Kenya G. Johnson (Author)
I told Christopher to take the recycle bin out so he wouldn't see me use a calculator to check his math.

When I took Algebra classes in college as an adult and BK (before kids) I found that I was actually good at it. In high school I always had a tutor for Math. As an adult, I finally understood it. To solve a mathematical equation made me feel elated. As soon as I had taken the three required classes of Algebra, I was done with it, and the how to left my brain. 

This is a Finish the Sentence Friday post. "The best part of my day is"...

The best part of my day is, when I learn something.

Yesterday Christopher watched me trying to create an app icon. He said, "Are you making that for your blog?" I said, "Sort of." He said, "You're great at technology. I think that's the best thing you do."

I said, "Hmmm. I am not sure how to take that." (flashes of unimpressed faces at recent crockpot meals go through my mind). He says, "Take it as a compliment." 


So I finished making my app icon. You can create a shortcut to blogs on the home screen of your device.

Of course the next question to myself was, I wonder how you can change these icons. Well I can't change yours but I can change mine.

But you know I'm going to TMI it in a Tech Byte for you soon. So stay tuned. Update: article here

Before Christopher went to bed, I proudly showed him what I had been working on. I said, "Look. I made an app button for my blog. He said, "That's pretty good, what kind of game is it?" 


Here's the thing... adding shortcuts to your home screen and making an app icon isn't rocket science but it made me feel smart. It's pretty cool too, don't you think?