The Halloween I went as "Supermom"...


In October 2009 Papa Bear was deployed in Iraq. I didn't write a blog. I wasn't on Facebook. I wasn't writing for fun. I was in college full-time with a four-year-old boy to entertain.

I spent my days on school work so that in the afternoons I could be Christopher's everything.  I sent him to school so that I could stay sane.

I thought I had a lot of time on my hands. So I spent much of it overcompensating on single parenting and trying to make the best memories for Christopher in his father's absence.  

Halloween wasn't something that we celebrated. So when the note came home that his school was having a Halloween party and they could wear their costumes, I seriously considered keeping him home.

But I didn't. 

This is a Finish the Sentence Friday Post! 

One Halloween, I broke house rules and we sort of celebrated Halloween.

I decided the day before the party that I didn't want Christopher to be left out. To keep him home would have been as much of a punishment as sending him to school without a costume. 

I dropped him off at school and headed to Walmart to look for a costume. At this point his participation really depended on finding a costume.

After hitting Walmart and Target without success, I spotted a waiting just for me Bubble Bee Transformer costume within the slim pickings at K-mart. 

I didn't care that it was $25 dollars or that it was too big. I bought it and hemmed it.


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I created a memory that he will never forget. I'm still delighted seeing his happy face in these photos. That day I felt like a super mom.

Here's the thing... Four years later the Bumble Bee costume remains in his closet and I think it would fit if I took the hem out.