Sports Moms: How do YOU spell relief?

I Kenya G. Johnson, being of sound mind and body, spent another sports season waiting to exhale...

See, what had happened was...

Kenya G. Johnson
I had two days to emotionally prepare for Christopher playing football for the first time. His basketball coach called to see if he wanted to play because the team needed more players. Christopher and my husband are excited.

In short order, I had to learn how to be a football mom - At the least I should know how to throw a football

Kenya G. Johnson
Christopherism alert: He's trying to teach me how to throw a football. He said, "Ok mom, that's was almost good."

The new schedule would be hectic - 3 practices and 1 game per week

Kenya G. Johnson
Christopherism alert: After 2 hours and 15 mins of football practice he said, "I feel good mom. I have a lot of energy, I just can't use it for anything else."

I would worry for 8 weeks about Christopher getting hurt - thankfully everything would be fine

Kenya G. Johnson
Christopherism alert: He fell during the final run at football practice. I said, " What happened did you trip over your shoe laces?" He said, "I kinda did that on purpose so I could catch my breath."

For 8 weeks I would use the crock pot for a lot of meals - unfortunately not everything would be good

Kenya G. Johnson
Christopherism alert: "Son you're taking a long time to clean your plate." He said, "It's a work in progress mom."

His confidence would sky rocket -  he wouldn't eat ice cream for a week

Kenya G. Johnson
Christopherism alert: "Mom I'm not going to have any dessert tonight. I want to stay in shape." He earned team captain for the week so he's feeling very important.

I would be too nervous to video the first game...

Kenya G. Johnson
One game down. I can breathe until next week. That's Christopher running with the victory flag. I thought I was videoing but all I got was a bunch of snapshots like this.

I would get my pictures before all the other moms...

One game would be super hot...

Kenya G. Johnson
It was a scorcher today 83freakindegrees but we won. Go Ravens!

The Ravens would keep on winning...

On the sidelines I would never catch a break...  Christopher either

Sometimes the crock pot meals were good... I think

Kenya G. Johnson
Christopherism alert: "I wish you were our cafeteria lady." I took this as a grand compliment for tonight's meal. I'm a step up from the cafeteria.

No one told me there'd be days like this... 

Kenya G. Johnson
Poor kid. I was wondering what all the emotions over homework was about. I cry over Math when I'm sleepy too.

I would get really tired of football...  so would Christopher

Kenya G. Johnson
So two Saturday games were cancelled for rain and it didn't rain. Tonight (the makeup game) the boys played in the rain. We won though
Kenya G. Johnson
Christopher doesn't know if he will play football again next year. He's had fun but he said his position is "lame". I'm cool with that. I haven't had to hold my breath and the only game dirt on him comes from his shoes. They've won all their games. Tomorrow is the playoffs. Will the Ravens go to the super bowl? Stay tuned...

Mom & Dad traveled to watch the playoffs - our coldest game

My mom would scream in one game more than I did all season. 

My dad would be impressed that little kids can play real football.

Christopher would be proud to have them there. 

We won!  


One more week of practice... 

and then... 

'Twas the night before the big game

It would pour down raining. I would toss and turn. My husband would make it in from a Marine Corp Ball photo shoot around 2am. I would get up and watch Scandal with him. At 6:45 Christopher's alarm clock would go off to the surprise tune of the NFL theme song. We would scramble to make it to the field by 7:45.

Kenya G. Johnson
It's Super Bowl Saturday! To say I'm EXCITED is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I don't know if because it's the last game, the boys are undefeated or because I get to wear new rain boots that I bought over three years ago.

Everybody was pumped.

The boys played hard.

It was a tough game.

It was a mean game.

Some parents wanted to fight.

I paced.

My husband took action shots.

I almost cried once or three times.

We lost.

Some of the boys cried.

My heart swelled to capacity.


So, how do you spell relief?  

I spell it... 

S - E - A - S - O - N - O - V - E - R

Here's the thing... I get to breathe for a week.

Basketball practice starts next Saturday.