Birthdays, Baking, Basketball & Traveling while Blogging...

Doesn't my title just wear you out?


I know RIGHT? And that's not including the everyday stuff.

I am going to do a little something different in December. 

Because of all the December birthday's and baking, and basketball, AND traveling, I am not going to stress myself out about blogging new material.

You'll get those stories in January and they'll start something like

This one time, in December.....

So when you stop by here on or after December 1st, you'll see this...


24 stories until Christmas...

I made an Advent calendar with InLinkz.

Then I linked up 24 stories from Here's the thing archives; some going back to 2011.

I made the thumbnails in Photoshop Elements, using Free Christmas clipart and layered with numbers from a free Christmas font. 

So now it looks Advent calendar like, without the adventy contents.

Here's the thing... I blurred the titles intentionally. This was just a sneak preview. You'll be able to see what's behind the window in just 5 days.

OMG December is almost here! :-O
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