A Christopherism Thanksgiving

My husband and I tried not to get into the spirit of tradition, make gumbo and call it Thanksgiving. 

So on the day before Thanksgiving Christopher squeezed in bed with us with his gigantic self and we asked, "So are you cool with having gumbo tomorrow?"

He said, "No way. We gotta have turkey or lobster." (We spent a Thanksgiving with friends once and they had lobster for Thanksgiving)

So we asked him what else would he like to have and he said, 

"Corn. Just plain corn. Not corn on the cob or the other kind." (In other words, don't make a casserole out of it mom.)

"That rice that daddy makes with the specs of meat in it." (Dirty rice)

"And the rolls we get when we go to the peanut restaurant." (Logan's)

I compiled our grocery list. We had to go to Walmart. In the rain. And wind. On a day that started out at 70 degrees and would be in the 50s before we got back from the store. 

On Thanksgiving morning...

The Turkey Q&A was hilarious


So we had Thanksgiving and I am thankful that he made us do it. We even put up the Christmas Tree and totally decorated for Christmas.

This morning Christopher asked, "So what do you want to do today?"

My thoughts?