Pinterest Recipes: A Needle in a Haystack...

Does this ever happen to you? - Ugh! I can't find that recipe I pinned! So I googled it.

If I had known Pinterest was going to be my cookbook, I would have done a better job of organizing it. Now it's too late. 

I have three scategorized "food" boards - Recipes I have tried, Recipes I should try and Weight Watchers

It drives me nuts when I am looking for a recipe that I know I pinned.

Of course I'll be looking for it from my phone, while in the parking lot of a grocery store. 

That's not a happy way to get dinner started... 


Here's the thing... I found the perfect app for that. One that keeps me and my recipes organized for when I am ready to plan, grocery shop and cook.

I've wrapped it up in a TMI Tech Byte.

If you have an iOS or Android device, come check out

The Secret Ingredient is Paprika