A Christmas Eve Story...


In December of 1977, I had just turned seven years old. A "Baby Alive" doll was on my Christmas wish list.

We had flown to Pennsylvania to visit my grandmother because she was in the hospital and we were flying back home on Christmas Eve.

I was worried that I wasn't going to be home to be "asleep" when Santa arrived.

While we were up in the air someone shouted, "There's Santa!"

I was almost scared to look out of the window but I peeked anyway. I gasped because I could see Rudolph's nose and I sat back quickly and closed my eyes.

When we got home to our apartment and my daddy opened the door, the tree was lit and Santa had already been there.

My new doll sat under the tree - unwrapped - as if Santa had JUST placed her there.

In my memory, I can hear the sleigh bells ringing as the reindeer flew away.