No he DIDN'T...

I wanted to use this title, because I also have a No she DIDN'T post, about something a lady called me in Walmart.

This one is different though. It's a Monday Listicle inspired post about "Oh no, he DIDN'T" gifts from the spouse. My husband and I don't really do Valentines Day. This family of three has December filled with our birthdays and Christmas. We don't need another day to stress over what the other might want.

I have no list of ten things...

But I DO have this excerpt from another post, that has nothing to do about when I got a chair for Christmas:

It was our third Christmas and we were living in Japan. We had gone to a camera store in town and found a helpful sales guy who spoke English fairly well. It was 1998, we had our first computer and the internet so I was able to research the cameras :-B; something he taught me to do. Little did I know every time I made my mind up about a camera, that is the one he went and bought. ;)) He would question me about it, then I would tell him about a different camera and why it was better than the last. #-o He says he bought and took back three cameras which resulted in me getting jogging suits for Christmas.:-O Imagine my disappointment, that the too big jogging suits were not a gag gift. :-<

Oh no he DIDN'T!

Here's the thing... now I just beg and pout for EXACTLY what I want or I might get something I haven't mustered enough tact to say, "Please don't buy me that anymore...."