For Better or For Worse...

I lucked out on a Valentines Day card for my husband. You know how you can stand in Walgreens and look at a million cards and one line like, "for all the wonderful things you do" cancels the whole thing out? Well the one I found was almost perfect so I snatched it up.

It starts off, "You're a Wonderful Husband and Partner" but then it includes a line "and you put up with me...". SCREEEECH. Hold on. Wait a minute. He puts up with ME? Nooooo, I put up with HIM!

Kenya G. Johnson (Author)
Riding with my boss (husband) to a camera store out of town. So a business op came up for Saturday and he needs to call so & so. He said, "I hope their number is in here" (iPhone). I asked, "Why wouldn't it be?" He said, "Because I think it's in my Rolodex at home." :-O



See what I have to put up with? I try to keep him in the 21st century and he tells me needs a Day-Timer© planner. Are they even still in business?

He has an iPad, which could serve all his Day-Timer needs but he uses it for one thing, accepting credit cards. The man uses ONE APP on the iPad - a steno pad, and apparently he still uses a rolodex.

How we put up with each other...

Him: Hey, I'm almost out of business cards.

Me: I know. I told you that.

Him: Yeah, this is all that's left.

Me: I nod. You want to change something right?

Him: Yeah, I wanna change some stuff around.

Me: What, besides the web address?

Him: I don't know, I'll get back to you on that.

Me: Just get back to me before you need them next day and we pay a million dollars in shipping.

Him: Gives me the look, not saying what I know he's thinking.

Me: Mocking him, "Why do you have to exaggerate?"

He doesn't appreciate my sarcasm, but I can't help it. So yeah, he puts up with that.


I guarantee you when he's ready to order the cards, it will be a crisis. I'll only have time to change the web address and he'll want to know how soon we can get them.

Knowing this, why don't I order them ahead of time?

So I can say, "I told you so."

It's quite satisfying you know.

Here's the thing... he's so handsome when he's working hard. For all that I put up with, I do love him for better or for worse.