Oh joy!

This week’s Monday Listicles: 10 tiny (secret) things that bring me joy

  1. When I get comments to a post that wasn't linked or shared with social media.
  2. When there's an open parking space/lane at Walmart.
  3. When I hear from a family member who read my blog and loved it.
  4. When my mom brings me coffee in bed. Yep she does that. 
  5. When my dad pats me on the head and says, "You're a good mom."
  6. When Christopher tells me I'm the best mom he ever had.
  7. When Papa Bear doesn't add seasoning to what I cooked. I know it's good.
  8. When people ask, "Who does your hair?"
  9. When people compliment Christopher and tell me how pleasant he is.
  10. When I find a dollar in the dryer. 

Here's the thing... I love it when I find money tucked somewhere. When I changed my purse back in October, I found fourteen dollars tucked in a side pocket. I went and treated myself to lunch at Olive Garden.