Like waiting for Christmas...

I am straying a little off topic with today’s optional prompt about something that makes you so excited you can’t sleep, “It’s like…”

5 minutes go…

When I am excited about something, I always say it’s like waiting for Christmas. There were a quite a few years in between being at home with my parents and being a parent where I was able to fall asleep on Christmas Eve with no problem.

This prompt made me think about taking pregnancy tests. Results were instantaneous, but waiting until the proper window to take a test was like waiting for Christmas. It was torture.  Weird analogy I know. Christmas was/is exciting, negative pregnancy tests were not.

Of all the pregnancy tests I ever took, when I was pregnant with Christopher, I was certain I was pregnant, yet I hadn’t missed a period. I just had a feeling that I wouldn’t even admit to myself. On a particular date in April 2004, it was early enough to take a test but I waited. I didn’t want to be disappointed by yet another “sure” feeling.

Times up.

As I recall, the day I decided to take a test was a workday. It was a Friday and afterwards I was going straight to a coworkers wedding. At the wedding someone’s husband made the mistake of remembering me as, “You were pregnant last time we met.” His wife nudged him and I said, “Yes um, that one didn’t work out.” I felt as bad for him as I did for my needless response. Yet my reaction was not a pang in my heart. It was easy to smile at him and say, “That’s okay” to his hot red face. I was excited to get home and take a pregnancy test.

It was like waiting for Christmas.

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