Murphy's Law of Resolutions...

It all started with the fish sticks...

As of yesterday, I have completed one week of - Weight Watchers. This is how I felt this time last week.  

I didn't even declare a New Year's Resolution, but after 31 days of saying, "I'll do better tomorrow", I started getting my mind prepared for a plan. 

I was successful with Weight Watchers in 2002, reaching my goal weight. I had lost twenty-nine pounds and have never been that heavy again except for when I was pregnant. For a short while after having Christopher, I managed to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight without having to count points. 

When I talk about gaining weight since then, I say it all started with the fish sticks. I've never had the discipline to succeed on Weight Watchers with a kid and snacks in the house. However, there comes a time when you know, THIS TIME will be different and I have arrived.

I hadn't been weighing myself for a long time. I judged my need to start a new regime based on the way my clothes fit. When my yoga pants got too tight, and I had to use my emergency fat jeans, that was the last straw. It was time to step on the scale. I wasn't surprised to know that I was just four pounds shy of my heaviest weight.  

So I am doing Weight Watchers online. I don't like going to meetings to have strangers rah-rahing in my face and clapping about me losing a pound.  I had done it "virtually" before, now I am doing it from the comfort of my own app for that.  

So last Friday, my 'can eat whatever he wants' husband and I went to lunch. I had already confessed that I was doing Weight Watchers, after which he proposed a buffet style lunch. Really?

He agreed to Applebee's; at least there I could choose something from the Weight Watchers menu. He ordered an appetizer, which I resisted while pretending to be engrossed in whatever was playing on the television while he ate it. I ate half of my lunch and boxed up the other half to save for dinner. I knew he was going to order dessert and I would not be able to resist that.

I had the Lemon Parmesan Shrimp for 13 points (6.5). Then we had the "big enough to share, served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream" Blue Ribbon Brownie. I calculated my half to be 30 points! If you've ever been on Weight Watchers you know extra points are like fun money. I sure had fun with that dessert. If I was at home, I would have licked the plate. 

So I had a successful first week. I survived the detox headache, I ate some of Christopher's Valentines candy, and had that fantastic dessert - all without going over my weekly allowance. I didn't ever feel deprived. Depressed? Yes. It was hard. I was grumpy most of the week (well all of it if I'm honest).

Here's the thing... this is my weekly accountability post at least until May 15th. I plan to reach my first goal by Mother's Day.

Week One: Lost 2.5 pounds


Join me next Wednesday for another edition of Weight Watchers Wednesday.