Junk in my trunk...


This is what I call my “winter” suitcase purse. In the winter I like to carry a big purse. I carry smaller ones in the summer. I guess because at that point, it's too hot to be lugging anything around.

Despite what Punxsutawney Phil said, I am carrying my winter purse until April 1st, and then I’ll switch it over to something springy.  I’m saving my pennies for something orange.

There isn’t too much junk in my suitcase purse. I just changed it over from another one a couple weeks ago when I wrote about 10 Things in My Closet. It had been such a warm winter, up until that point, that I kind of forgot it was in there.

This week’s Monday Listicles: 10 Things in My Purse


1.     An empty bag of chips (my breakfast) during Christopher’s 9am basketball game on Saturday.

2.     Victoria’s Secret lip-gloss that smells like chocolate.

3.     Church Bulletin from January 20th.

4.     Receipt from lunch on Friday at Cheddars. I got a hot flash while eating a Buffalo Chicken Wrap.

5.     Super Bowl Party invitation.

6.     Walmart receipt for Super Bowl grazing festivities.

7.     Chewed gum wrapped in peppermint candy plastic, from the day of the church bulletin.

8.     Walgreen’s receipt from when I was desperate and bought a nasal spray so I could breathe.

9.     Used tissues enclosed in a sandwich bag. Ewwwwah!

10. Registration paperwork for Lacrosse – a new sport to this area. In addition to the $100 registration, your child will need a Lacrosse stick, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, helmet, cleats, mouth piece, private parts supporter and cup.

Here’s the thing… We are going to sit Lacrosse out this year. Ya think!? This is a list of 10 things in my purse I need to throw away and I did so as I was writing this post. Well all except for the lip-gloss. It’s a pretty color on me, though I don’t like walking around with my lips smelling like chocolate.