A Love Cake...

In 1979, I made five dollars a week. Money sent to me by my grandparents arrived in our mail slot every Monday.

This is a Finish the sentence Friday post.

The most memorable Valentines Day I ever had was one I planned for my parents.

I was in the fourth grade and we lived in an apartment complex. I’d walk home from the bus with the key swinging from my neck. It was my first year as a latchkey kid. The lady that kept my brother was our neighbor and lived across the hall. All I had to do was check in with her to say I was home. 

In my art class that week, we worked on Valentines Day cards for our parents. I was inspired to do something extra. I always made plans for my allowance before I had it and it was payday. With some negotiating, I might have enough money and time to pull off the surprise I had in mind for my mom and dad.

There was a teenager who lived down the hall from us and I knew she could bake. She charged me sixteen dollars to make my parents a cake. I gave her a down payment, promising to pay the rest by the end of the month.

With the remaining money, about four dollars, I asked my neighbor if she could buy a bottle of wine for me to give to my parents. When she asked what kind of wine I said, "Red." After all, that was the theme. 

Valentines Day was in a few days and I wanted to have everything in place before my parents got home from work. When I got home from school, I placed this card on the table and proceeded to clean the apartment.

My teenaged neighbor had made a beautiful white cake with red letters that said "Happy Valentines Day" and my adult neighbor had come through with the bottle of wine.

I remember my daddy exclaiming, "You did all this?" as he inspected the bottle of wine.

Here's the thing... it was a bottle of the best wine four dollars could buy and I was so proud.

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