Sniffs & Whiffs...

It's a Monday Listicles post! I thought this one was going to be hard since I think more things stink than smell good. My heightened sense of smell and gag reflex never returned to normal after being pregnant. So when I can list ten things that smell good, they smell REALLY good.

10 Fantastic Smells

  1. Midsummer's Night by Yankee Candle
  2. Baby lotion
  3. Target Popcorn
  4. Rain
  5. Laying down on sheets the same day that they came off the clothesline.
  6. Coffee brewing. Though all that smells good doesn’t taste good.
  7. After Christopher takes a shower I like to sniff him up. Sometimes he smells fantastic. Sometimes I get a whiff of outside remnants and have to ask, “Did you use soap?” then, “Well did you wash your face?”
  8. Leather - as it pertains to boots and purses.
  9. Yellow saffron rice. I’m cooking it and getting a whiff right now. I’m doing Weight Watchers and not about to have any at 5 points for 2 ounces. PUH-LEEZE. But OF COURSE it smells fantastic.
  10. Men’s cologne. And by that I mean, the traces of it. It’s a crime scene when my husband first sprays it on. But if we’ve missed each other at home, I love getting a whiff of that, 'he was here' smell.

I didn't always like that 'he was here' smell. There was a cologne he had when I was pregnant that I wanted him to throw away. I could smell it through the closed medicine cabinet. I HATED it and I didn't like HIM for keeping it.

One day in the distant future I might have said, "Mmmm you smell good!" as I sniffed him up asking, "Is that new?" He may have given me this evil look where I would want to ask him what his problem was. He would glare and say, "This is the same cologne you wanted me to throw away." I would be shocked and respond, "Really? Wow! It smells totally different." He would reply by rolling his eyes and mumbling, "Whatever."

I guess I really gave him grief about that cologne.

Here's the thing... I swear it was like getting a whiff of steaming formaldehyde. :-&