Christopherisms: Age 8

Sometimes "Okay" is all I have left

“Christopher where are your new shoes?”

“In my room?”

“Why are you wearing those?”

“They are comfortable.”

“Well I don’t want you wearing those to school.”

“Why not?”

“Because son, there's a hole in that one. I don’t want anybody to think we don’t take care of you.”

“Well I just wanna be like Adam and Eve and not be ashamed.”


“Christopher go get your coloring stuff off of the coffee table.”

“What coffee table?”

Sigh, “The only one we have.”

“In the kitchen?”

“No son, the coffee table in the living room.”

“What’s a coffee table?”

"Christopher." (said in the tone of "Really")

I can’t believe I’ve never referenced this before. I walk into the living room and point, “That’s a coffee table.”

“Well how come you don’t drink coffee on it then?”