What do your dreams mean?

There's an app for that


When I have a vivid dream, I have to get to the bottom of it before I forget about it. This post is fresh off the brain.

Last night - or rather this morning I had a seemingly long dream about me traveling by bicycle. The scenery was familiar - one day I'll get to the bottom of that. For now it's just a place I go in my dreams. It was a long complicated ride with purpose - not for leisure. I was wearing a skirt and I seemed to be in commuter traffic. I rode my bike all the way into a downtown, through a familiar parking garage and then I went into a hotel.

I've dreamt about that parking garage before. I would get lost in it. I've dreamt about that hotel before; I would get lost in it also. In prior dreams I wouldn't be able to find my way out of the parking garage and I'd get into the hotel and not be able to find where I needed to go.

I didn't have an app for that, last time I had those dreams. I figured out their meanings on my own. 

From the Kismetech app:

As a type of transportation symbol, the bicycle is symbolic of exploring how you are moving forward. In this case you are feeling that you are propelling yourself by your own effort. You may have slowed down recently to connect more with your path in terms of actualizing your real capabilities.

The idea of balance is also suggested since the bike requires a sense of balance to keep it upright.

All I can say to that is - WOW. Uh-huh, I agree.

About that hotel...

Buildings can be places in which you are lost or searching for something. Hotels can symbolize exploring temporary changes in perspective.

This hotel is massive by the way. It's beautifully decorated. There's restaurants and stores inside and it seems like a long way to get to the front desk, if that's where I was headed.

If the architecture seems grand or expansive, the message can be about opening or broadening your outlook.


As I approach the front desk, I see an employee with several boxes like she just received a shipment. She's standing there trying a beautiful orange purse out on her shoulder. I stop in my tracks to tell her how pretty it is and she shows me the other bags she ordered. It sit down to look at her bags and coin purses. She just wanted to see which one she liked the best. 

I asked, "Where did you order those from, Zappos?" She says, "No, I ordered them from Ja-" and then my alarm clock went off. I quickly hit snooze to see if I could go back and finish our conversation, but it was too late. PHOOEY.

My Interpretation

I'm on a path where I am moving forward but by my own efforts. I get this. My writing doesn't bring home the bacon. Helping my husband in the photography business does. I have to make time for myself. To blog is to juggle, but this is where I exercise and market my writing. I'm balancing the things I'm doing (writing and working for him)  but at the same time I'm trying to figure out how to make this a win/win. I have more thoughts on this but I'm letting them marinate.

Here's the thing... So this dream also tells me I can get easily distracted - by an orange purse. See why I had to write this down?

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