No more lemon cookies...

It's a Monday Listicles post! You know how you go to church, tell your friends about it, then someone tells you they are going to come tomorrow then you HAVE to be there?


Well that didn't happen today. But a blogger friend of mine, Kristi at Finding Ninee, said she was going to participate today so then I had to link up. Today's listicle is about 10 ways my partner is awesome. What I read was...

10 ways I am an awesome partner

  1. anticipate the toilet paper running out three rolls from now and keep the bathroom stocked.
  2. I use the slither of soap and end of the toothpaste for days while he enjoys a brand new one.
  3. I eat the leftovers so he can eat something new.
  4. I still make him something (boil hotdogs) even when I'm not cooking dinner.
  5. am his alarm clock when he needs one. I'll doze and tap him for one hour after my alarm goes off and I won't be able to go back to sleep.
  6. I change out his bathroom towels, since he has no sense of smell.
  7. I sit in the dressing room with him and won't let him leave with a pair of dad jeans.
  8. I ride with him to church so he won't miss half the service.
  9. When he doesn't need to wake up, I quietly leave the room and don't come back no matter how bad I have to use the bathroom - just so I can have some quiet time.
  10. I'll switch out regular for light on the pancake syrup and he'll never know the difference. 'll come back and change this one if he ever actively reads my blog. If you comment on #10 I'll have no idea what you are talking about.


I used to buy him his favorite lemon cookies from WalMart until they lasted for three weeks after I started Weight Watchers, then I realized they were MY favorite cookies.

Here's the thing... some of these things apply to being an awesome mom also. If you think I'm spoiling or ruining them, then you've totally missed the point. really don't want to be the one left without toilet paper.