I can't be left alone...

As much as this mom and wife loves some me time, like a child I can't be left alone for too long - 10 whole days.

One time when I was bored out of my mind I... 

This is a Finish the sentence Friday post.

Finish the Sentence Friday

One time when I was bored out of my mind, I removed the toilet paper holder from the wall. As you can probably imagine, yes I was just sitting there. The toilet paper holder had been hanging out of the wall by two threads. Okay, it was just a little annoyingly loose. I stared at it, inspected it, wondered how to tighten it back to the wall, then I pulled on it too hard and it came all the way out. 

I stared at it again, wondered how to put it back in the wall, then I left the premises.

Papa Bear and Baby Bear were out of town, so I had time to fix it. I would just patch up the holes, paint over it and buy a pretty toilet paper holder that didn't have to be installed from Bed Bath & Beyond. Easy peasy.

So I went to Lowes and asked, "Where's the stuff you patch holes up with?" I was directed to an aisle with a whole bunch of patch up stuff. I stood there for so long somebody probably called security. An employee came and asked, "Can I help you find something ma'am?" Naturally I said, "Um no, I'm just looking." Then I left the premises.

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought the toilet paper stand, and went to another Lowes where I knew exactly which aisle to go to. I picked out the product that advertised something like quick drying, easy cleanup, paint over in 24 hours. Easy peasy.

I successfully patched up the holes and sanded the product down. I proceeded to paint over my patch work, then I saw some knicks and painted over those as well.

The color went on a little light and I just assumed it would blend in once it dried. [-) It didn't. I had dots all over the wall. :-O Thinking I hadn't shaken and stirred the paint sufficiently, :-? I took it to Lowes and asked if they could put it in their paint shaker thing. I bought a disposable roller and paint tray. ;))

When I got back home, I poured the rest of the paint into the paint tray and used the roller over all the spots and my patchwork.:-SSBy the end of the day I could see that all I had done was make a bigger mess.8-| I still had a few days before the boys would be home, though I surely didn't want to spend it painting. :-< I looked around at all the details and the high ceiling and finally concluded :(( I can't do this.

I made a phone call to some people who had painted for us before and their teenage sons were available to make some money. ;))I had to dip into my personal rainy day savings to get the bathroom painted.:|

I wish I could tell you the story ended there...


But I had Christopher's room painted too. For all the back and forth with the swatches and cutting stuff out of magazines, before he was born, I never could admit that I didn't like the color blue I had chosen for his room.

After painting, rearranging, buying new curtains, and items to hang on Christopher's wall, I was finally satisfied. 

While I should have been well rested, I was dog tired when the boys returned home from their trip.

The subtle color change in Christopher's room and paint over in our bathroom went unnoticed.

Here's the thing... I really can't afford to be bored again. Next time, if it ain't broke, I'm not trying to fix.