It's baaaack...

I feel like a party pooper to report that Spring is my least favorite season of the year. Permission to whine in this Monday Listicles post about...

10 things Spring

10 Reasons I don't like Spring

  • Pollen
  • Can't open my windows - pollen
  • Can't ride in the car with my windows down - pollen
  • Can't walk outside - pollen
  • Can't ride my bike - pollen
  • Can't sit on the porch - pollen

I'll do these things anyway and...

  • Sneeze my head off
  • Feel like scratching my eyes out
  • Want to scratch my throat with a fork
  • Have cotton mouth from allergy meds

Childhood Kenyaism... I clearly remember saying this to one of my friends when I was seven years old:

"My mom said I have a fever but I can still play outside." (hay fever)

Speaking from experience, I know I must have been getting on my mom's nerves about going outside. Play now suffer later, is what I think to myself when my son begs me to go outside. There will come a day in the season when it just won't be worth it.

Just as soon as the pollen vanishes, it will be too hot and humid to open the windows in the house, ride in the car with the windows down, ride my bike, walk or sit on the porch and I won't do any of them anyway. I will whine about the summer and say it's my least favorite season of the year.

Here's the thing... the fall season is my favorite season and I love our fake winters.