Beaming with Pride...

This weeks Monday Listicles was an easy one, 10 things you are proud of. But then I got stuck on just one.

I am proud of my parents. I’ve been more proud of them in my adulthood and as a married woman than I knew to be during my youth.

I was talking to Christopher last night, trying to explain to him how lucky he is that when he gets off the bus in the afternoon, his daddy and I are home for him.


I remember being at daycare and the last to be picked up or having to go home with someone else. I remember the cycle of getting home, taking a bath, eating dinner and having to get ready for bed. Our evenings were short. That takes nothing away from me now; I have only fond memories when I think about my childhood. I am proud of my parent’s work ethic and what they endured in their coming up to do the best for my brother and me.

This photo was taken as I approached my 3rd birthday, as mom approached her 21st birthday, and as daddy approached his 23rd birthday. I grew up with them and they made it.

10 things I am proud of...

#1 I am so proud of my parents.

#2 I am proud of my baby brother, who is all grown up, married, with two dogs and two horses.

#3 I am proud of my husband, who has retired from the USMC and supports us with his photography business.

#4 I am proud of pursuing my dreams, becoming an author and continuing to write.

#5 I am proud of my son. He’s a good kid.

#6 I am proud of my friends who made their way out of a bad marriage and raised good kids.

#7 I am proud of the man my daddy grew up to be.

#8 I am proud of the woman my mom has always been.

#9 I am proud that I am the product of success and not a statistic of failure.

#10 I am proud to beam with pride and shed tears while writing this post.

I flipped this photo over and thought it was my own handwriting but it is my mom’s handwriting:

Dear Mom & Daddy,
Here we are to take our place on the piano (smile)
With Love,
Rick, Pam & Kenya 11/26/73

Here's the thing...This photo was on my grandparent’s piano until their house was boxed up. They were proud of my parents too.