Weight Watchers Week 2

Of all the posts I have written here, last weeks update Murphy's Law of Resolutions, made the Mommy Blog Hot List! If someone pointed them my way, I would like to say THANK YOU to them, Parent Society and the contributor Elizabeth Fallwell!

Every Tuesday Parent Society features favorite mom blogs of the week and that particular article caught their eye. Go check it out, I am #4 of six other "best, brightest, and most-promising mom blogs on the Internet."

This weeks post was already drafted when I received an e-mail from Parent's Society telling me I was featured. I was quite surprised and delighted. When I clicked over and read the conclusion of their feature, "Keep track of her progress every Wednesday, when she weighs in -- and publishes the results -- on her blog."  I thought, "Wow, that really makes me accountable now." And seriously, the more accountability the merrier.

So here's my update:

You know you're on your way to healthy when you drool over a Sabra Hummus commercial, then you see a photo like this and rush out to buy the ingredients. I had a great week, except for the day I wanted to throw a cheese stick against the wall because I couldn't get it open. I'm good now. 

A few weeks ago when I made up in my mind to do Weight Watchers, I couldn't think of what to get from the grocery store. I wasn't prepared; I didn't have any food at home to be good with. So I went and bought ten Smart Ones, some veggie burgers, cheese sticks, fruit, and oatmeal.

After I made some progress, I began choosing some point friendly meals. Christopher has been eating the veggie burgers for an after school snack.

Christopher is food-lingual. I grew up a vegetarian and my husband grew up a Louisianan. So Christopher can go from crawfish to edamame and from deer sausage to veggie burgers. 

Last week I found this light Olive Garden Dressing at Wal-Mart. The salad dressing, and olives makes this a two point salad - fruit and veggies are free. I was so excited after I ate this for lunch the first time, that I kept feeling like I forgot to count something. It was that delicious and I was full.

Here's the thing... I am still grumpy. Nothing has changed there. But this week I survived ordering tea at Barnes & Noble without saying, "and a sugar cookie" as an afterthought. On the day of the cheese stick, I ate twice the allotted points in one day and the title of this post was, "Everybody eats, nobody gets hurt". I enjoyed Sweet Frog chocolate and peanut butter frozen yogurt with Christopher on Friday. On Sunday I fried fish, made the Olive Garden salad and some homemade Red Lobster biscuits. I enjoyed the same meal my family was having, all without going over my weekly fun points.

Week Two: Lost 1.5 lbs Total Loss: 4 lbs

Join me next Wednesday for another edition of Weight Watchers Wednesday.