Somebody call 911...

Knowing my husband really well after meeting him in 1995, I know he mumbled, "What the hail?"  the first time...

"I tried to cook..." for him. 

This is a Finish the Sentence Friday post. 

The first time I tried to cook for my husband, is one of those stories he likes to tell where I say, "Please don't" or "You've told them this story before" or "Really?" His story hasn't embellished over the years. It's only made our company worried about what they haven't eaten yet or impressed that I made what they just had.

Here's my side of the story:

I grew up a vegetarian and I didn't know how to cook meat. When I met my husband I wasn't a vegetarian anymore, but I still didn't know how to cook much of anything that he would eat. At age 25, I knew how to make tuna fish, and I could make a slammin' German Chocolate Cake. I knew how to eat out really well. 

I brought him a piece of German Chocolate Cake on our second date. I know he was probably impressed that I made it from scratch and he might have thought he snagged a cook. [-)

The first night I cooked for him, it was early in our relationship. If being able to cook was a deal breaker, I wouldn't be married to him today. I tried to make salmon and rice. I had had it before and it was delicious. So I made up how I thought it should be prepared. 

I bought a box of white rice, a can of salmon and a onion. I can't imagine what he was thinking when I placed the ingredients on the countertop.  First of all this young man from Louisiana probably had never eaten rice cooked from a box OR canned salmon. His mom can throw down in the kitchen.

I proceeded to boil the bag of rice, and saute the onion. I then opened the can of salmon and was blown away by the sight and smell.

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I hate to put ugly things on my blog, but thanks to google images, I can illustrate what plopped out of that can.

It was chunky, clunky, greasy, with skin AND bones. Ewwwww. My bad.

I thought I was buying a big can of what you find in the little cans like tuna fish. I didn't know a whole fish was going to be stuffed in this can. It was disgusting. :-&

What's worse? I picked the bones out and proceeded to cook it anyway. I am sure the neighbors in the adjoining apartments where probably jumping out of their windows yelling, "Somebody call 911!"

Here's the thing... You know how people suffer a trauma and they can't remember what happened next? Well this is one of those times. 

The End

Finish the Sentence Friday