Old School Monopoly

I wonder if every parent to be looks forward to doing a specific activity with their children. I looked forward to watching some of my favorite movies with Christopher, building LEGOS freestyle as he calls it, and playing board games. 

I made the mistake recently of introducing him to the electronic version of Scrabble. I was used to the electronic version because I never have anyone to play the board game with. My husband doesn't play board games. He entertained me with them a few times when were newlyweds but we are too competitive to play games together. I was better than him in Scrabble and I was always going to be better. 

So last weekend when Christopher and I played electronic Scrabble together, he was better than me and I did not like it.

Kenya G. Johnson
Christopher is beating me at Scrabble by making up some apparently "real" words. He's quite the bragger about it and I don't want to play anymore. :-O

Shortly after that I found out he was cheating by clicking on the "best word" button and I didn't know that was an option. He had already put Atoning, and Snath on the board, but I got suspicious with Defy and asked, "How did you know those words?" He said, "I used best word" like it was cool. No he didn't!

The next day when we started a new game, I turned the option off and he was no longer interested. So I lost a Scrabble partner. Next year when he's a little more advanced with spelling I will reintroduce the board game. Until then....


About a month ago, Christopher and I were in the PX. A tween was talking to her dad, saying, "Oooh dad let's get this Monopoly. It's so fun!" First off I was impressed thinking she was interested in the original Monopoly game. But then her dad said, "Electronic Monopoly? I am not buying THAT." Then I was impressed with him. I wanted to high five him. Teenagers don't hardly know how to count change back anymore. They carry around gift cards and debit cards to pay for things. Electronic Banking Monopoly is not cool.  

Yesterday Christopher wanted to play Checkers. When I reached in the closet for the box, I saw Monopoly. I was so excited. I thought the game was at my parents house. I refreshed my memory with the rules and we set it up to play. I really didn't think the game was going to last long. I thought Christopher wouldn't be mature enough (2nd grade/Age 8) to understand the concept but he did.

Kenya G. Johnson
Christopher plays Monopoly like my brother. He's buys up everything, always broke, doesn't wanna pay up and will probably win.

3 hours later... the boy won!

This video was a reenactment. Originally I said, "Hold on, let me get a picture of that smile." He said, "Let's do it over and make a video." I wouldn't have had to mention that, but I didn't roll a three again and someone would have noticed my moves didn't match the number rolled. And...

Here's the thing... while Christopher is a natural ham, I on the other hand sound like I'm reading from a script.