I'll have what she's having...

Weight Watchers Behind the Scenes


One of the things I learned as a first time mother is if I couldn't get Christopher to eat, all I had to do was sit down somewhere on his level and pretend the plate in my hand was my food. Sometimes I had to act out blowing it, tasting and saying, "Mmmm good", before he came pounding over on all fours. 

When I didn't want him to want what I was having, I would have to hide.

Fast Forward

Kenya G. Johnson (Author)
Motherhood: Faking a cough while opening a soda can, so no one will hear it and you won't have to share.
Kenya G. Johnson
Why is it that Mister "I don't like green grapes Sr." eats them every time I rinse them and sit them out on the countertop?
Kenya G. Johnson (Author)
There's Oreos, Goldfish, Popcorn, Ritz and Fruit Snacks here. But nooooooo Christopher likes my 1 point Rice Cakes! Really? #WeightWatchers

Some other things to look out for:

You'll go to Sam's and find common interest snacks. Out of the box of assorted chips, Baby Bear says he won't eat the Sun Chips. They are 3 points and you decide that will be a good carb snack for you. You'll watch your husband eat three bags of Sun Chips back to back and exclaim how good they are. In your mind you'll calculate that he just ate 9 points of chips in one sitting. He asks you to buy a big bag from the grocery store. You do, and they will sit there. Your parents will come to visit and someone will open the bag and go to town with them. On Monday you'll notice there's just a little bit of chips left. Probably 9 points worth and you'll proceed to finish the bag. Your husband will ask what happened to all the chips and you will say, "My parents ate them."


You'll try Almond Milk at Sam's, find it has less calories and tastes great. Your husband will want the Soy Milk you always buy. You'll grudgingly buy both, not seeing what the big deal is except calories. He'll try the Almond Milk one day when his Soy Milk runs out. He'll decide after a few days that it makes him itch and he'll want you to get him the Soy Milk. You'll go for months and notice that your Almond Milk gets used faster than his Soy Milk. You'll bring in a brand new one of each. He will announce that you don't have to buy Soy Milk anymore. You'll ask about the itching and he will ignore you. He says he will finish up the Soy Milk but you see him pull the Almond Milk out of the refrigerator. You'll pull the Soy Milk out of the refrigerator and trade the two. He will blow his breath when you say, "Finish this." He will say, "I don't want that." You are likely to have a argument unless you leave the room. You'll mumble to yourself about their itching and dislike for Almond Milk while you go to WalMart and stock up.


You'll pack strawberries in Baby Bear's lunch. You'll rinse and cut up more strawberries for your cereal. He will eat yours before he leaves for school. You'll also do this on the weekends. There will be frozen strawberries in the freezer but your husband and your dad will think your strawberries are out for their smoothies. It will annoy you to no end.

Here's the thing... you'll realize that this happens in every family and it started with mother's pretending the food was hers so that the baby would eat it. You'll have no recourse except to whine about it on Facebook and write about it in your blog because women can relate to this stuff. To date the most clicked on post is probably similar to this one:

"21 actions in reverse pysychology to get your man to do stuff"