Are you in the zone?

April 30th is National No Phone Zone Day

or at least it was in 2010.

I thought I'd take a walk down mobile memory lane...

Kenya G. Johnson
Christopherism alert: We have some old cellphones to take to recycle. Christopher saw them and asked, "Are those fake or are they from the old days?"
  • In 1995 I bought a bag phone for my car, based on a promotion and employee discount. It would be used in case of emergencies.
  • In 1996 I would get a flat tire and wonder if I should call my daddy or my boyfriend from the bag phone. I called my boyfriend.
  • Later in 1996, on a road trip, I would make a bunch of emergency roaming calls from the bag phone to friends and family to tell them my boyfriend and I were engaged. My twenty something monthly bag phone bill would be over $100.
  • From 1997 to 2000 my husband and I would live out of the country while everyone stateside was getting cellphones.
  • In 2000 I would visit my brother. When using his cellphone, I would stop walking and go stand out of the way of people. He would say, "You know you can walk and talk at the same time."
  • Later in 2000, I would get a phone like the one my brother had, so we could walkie-talkie each other which we did maybe twice. I would still only use my phone for emergencies because cellphone coverage was crappy anyway. I would switch to Sprint in a year.
  • In 2001 boredom was an emergency and I would call and talk to my mom all the way home from work.
  • In 2004 I would change from Sprint to Verizon. I was going to have a baby and I wanted to be heard now, no matter where I was. My husband would stay with Sprint and would have to stand at the end of the driveway to use his phone. I would worry that he wouldn't get my call when it "was time". As it worked out, we were both home when my water broke.
  • After 2004 I would get the "new every two".
  • In 2006 I would take a vow to never look like I was talking to myself (bluetooth).
  • In 2007 I didn't text.
  • In 2008 I'd wish I had bought a phone with a QWERTY keyboard to text easily.
  • Later in 2008 Baby bear and I would get in a car accident. It would rattle my nerves that I was on the phone moments earlier and may not have seen it coming. I would wonder if the driver of the other car was DWI - driving while intexticated.
  • In 2010 I would sign Oprah's No Phone Zone Pledge and it would be a boring ride everywhere.
  • Later in 2010, I would not be able to wait until 2011 to get an iPhone and I would cancel my contract with Verizon. I would love it and pledge to keep it until it fell apart.
  • In 2011 I would forget signing the No Phone Zone Pledge. I run a business - one that gets calls from my husband like, "Are you at home? I need you to go back and get some order forms and bring them to me because I don't have any with me." I would get a lot of calls like this and it would be pointless to see 5 missed calls when I've arrived at Point B saying I need to go back to Point A.
  • In 2013 my iPhone would still be in tact but I would go in for an upgrade. I would love it and pledge to keep it until it fell apart.

Here's the thing... On this day in 2013, I won't be completely in the no phone zone but I'll sorta be handsfree using only my thumb to tell Siri what to add to my grocery list and confirming with an audible, "Yes"

Conversations with Siri:

No Phone Zone 600x250.jpg

This Mama Bear Public Service Announcement (MBPSA) has been brought to you by Kenya G. Johnson at Here's the thing... Please don't text while driving.

Get Siri to do it for you.