Thirty minutes and not counting...

It's a Monday Listicles post! 

Today's listicle is about top 10 ways to spend 30 minutes.

Whether I get to do it or not...

10 ways I enjoy spending 30 minutes

  1. Preparing my lunch and eating it. Nobody else's lunch - just mine. I can turn salad and sandwich making into art. Then I take pictures.

  2. Reading. One time I went from elliptical, to treadmill to bike at the gym and worked out for over an hour because I was reading The Help.
  3. Talking to my mom on the phone. We can easily blow an hour if no one is home at either of our houses. 
  4. Walking around the neighborhood. Alone. With good music.
  5. Chores - I'm not kidding. I have to be listening to music or an audiobook or talking to my mom. Otherwise it's a drag.
  6. Doing a puzzle. I would have a permanent puzzle table if a had a place to accomodate one. Puzzle-ly word games on the iPhone suffice. 
  7. A power nap. I wish I could be put in timeout for 30 minutes everyday because I am too hard headed to take a nap of my own free will. 
  8. Being at the bookstore. Alone. I never buy a book, I just window shop for Kindle books.
  9. Reading other bloggers. I wish I could do this from the gym. Believe me I've tried, but the print is really too small and trying to comment while you are on the bike is equivalent to simultaneously patting your head and rubbing your belly
  10. Writing, when it's effortless.

Here's the thing... just because I like to do chores at home doesn't mean I like to do them anywhere else. You'll never hear me ask, "Do you need help with anything?" I won't really want to help clean up but I will do it anyway especially for my mom.