Tech Byte: RSS to Text...

*Ahem* :-BI've got something to tell you about that I think is FRESH!

RSS to Text


I tend to get excited about tech tools and overshare in another language (geek). So that I don't lose you, I'll keep this short and sweet. 

Did you know that you can receive a text notification of a blog post the moment it is published?

That's right, when you publish a post, anyone who has subscribed to you via will receive immediate notification via RSS. It looks like this. ===>

It is completely free unless you go over your text allowance. If you are on an unlimited plan you have nothing to worry about.


Feel free to use my RSS to SMS graphic to link to your own subscription. Join and then click on "Use Recipe". To create your own, you'll need your RSS feed. That's it.

Easy peasy. 

Here's the thing... This instant notification allowed me to be first in line for a blog hop. I THINK THAT'S FRESH and I highly approve it!

That's Fresh is a brand new Friday link up over at Prototype Mama where you can share something that you think is "fresh".

To this day I still think of fresh the way my grandmother used it to describe someone being a flirt or being sassy. She might tell me, "Don't get fresh with me" or speak of a over friendly man, "He's so fresh." 

Today the urban dictionary describes fresh (origin Mid 80s)

  • to mean it is acceptable and highly approved by someone. 

Ex. "Those are some fresh shoes!"