Networking on Weight Watchers...

You can't beat the camaraderie amongst bloggers. Last week blogger Kate, from Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine, submitted one of my Weight Watchers posts to Reddit. That day I received the most page views I have in a long long time. Not that I look at my page views everyday or anything - okay yes I do. 

The Weight Watchers Wednesday (WWW) posts have been the highest rated posts of the week since I started ten weeks ago. Not sure how I feel about that, since I said I was going to write the last one the Wednesday after Mother's Day. I was hoping to lose 15 pounds by then. Now I am shooting for ten. Maybe I'll keep posting WWW until I've met my 15 pound goal. We'll see. 

Then there's Pinterest. I'm discovering people with similar interests who repin from my Weight Watchers board. From them, I am able to find new recipes and tips for continued success.

Lastly, in the comments section of last weeks post about hummus Kristi of Finding Ninee said,

I love hummus. I buy whole wheat pitas, cut them in 1/2 and stuff them with hummus, feta cheese, green peppers, cucumbers, lettuce and tomato. They're YUMMY!

So naturally I had to try hummus Kristi's way. I reported back to her via Twitter:

I decided when I was already hungry that I wanted this sandwich. I had to go to the store to get the ingredients. Then I had to cut them up. I bought Salad Pockets calculating them in the store to be 2 points a piece. When I got home and unwrapped them, I said, "You've got to be kidding me." They were so short I couldn't fit the lettuce in there. Calculating in my head I estimated that eating one salad pocket with the feta and hummus would be 4 points, but then I wolfed down two more without sitting down to savor them estimating 12 points give or take two or more points for unmeasured hummus and feta. Cha-ching!

After I found some point friendly pitas at WalMart, I decided to post a do-over of:

The Kristi Sandwich (Hummus on Pita) - 6 points


Here's the thing... I like to name my recipes after the person who gave them to me. I have a LaDonna's Carrot Cake, Mom's Pancakes, Mom's Banana Bread, and Nancy's Salad. I've also had a meal that Chris at Hye Thyme Cafe named after me called Kenya's Toasted Almond Chicken. Enjoy The Kristi Sandwich. If you like those ingredients I bet you'll give the sandwich an OMG thumbs up! 

Week Ten: Lost .5 lbs Total Loss: 7.5 lbs

Join me next Wednesday for another edition of Weight Watchers Wednesday.