I took a break on Weight Watchers

It's a Week 12 Update

Twelve weeks ago, I had in my mind that I was going to lose 15 pounds by Mother's Day. By midweek of the 12th week, I was only halfway there. As the 12th week approached I was sort of deflated that I wasn't going to wear what I wanted to wear to church on Sunday - not the same 'ole black pants and different shirt. 

WW Progress.JPG

I wanted to wear this dress, that I fit so beautifully last summer when I was doing the insane Insanity workout. I'm sure the dress fits, I just wasn't in the mood to wear it. My arms weren't ready and my stomach was poochie.


We didn't go to church, but as it was the weather didn't cooperate to wear that dress anyway.

I decided that I was going to take a break from weight watching because it was Mother's Day weekend and I deserved it. Plus I wanted chocolate like nobody's business.

On Friday I made brownies. Baby Bear had two, Papa Bear had three, Mama Bear had the fourth and final one with coffee on Mother's Day morning.

Saturday there was movie popcorn.

Sunday there was Olive Garden for dinner where I ate a breadstick, fried appetizers and Chicken Marsala.

Monday I had to eat the leftovers. 

Today I am back on track. I've already measured out my anytime hummus to snack on and The Kristi Sandwich is on the lunch menu.

Here's the thing... I gained half a pound and it was totally worth it.

See you next week. This isn't over until the skinny lady can feel good in that dress.