Senior Year 1988... behind the scenes


In preparation for this post, I dug into my box of nostalgia and found my Senior Year book. Not the kind that was called an Annual, but the kind where you had to fill stuff in.

I never was great at filling in stuff; you should see Christopher's baby book. About the only thing in it is his hospital bracelet and his footprints. 

To my delight and horror, I did fill in some of my Senior Year book.

This is a Finish the Sentence Friday post.

"When I was younger, I wanted to..."

  • Be a famous journalist at The Wall Street Journal
  • Commute home everyday by first class aircraft
  • Live in Atlanta, Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware
  • Be married within ten years  to the guy I went to prom with and have 3 kids
  • Have long hair
  • Be in great shape
  • Vacation in The Virgin Islands

Yep, all of that was in the book!

Other facts:

I was

  • Seventeen
  • 5'4 1/2
  • 132 lbs.
  • Crazy, silly, outgoing, cheerful, charming, understanding, and happy

I wrote

  • The best thing about being a Senior is absolutely nothing
  • I feel at home in a pair of jeans, a big t-shirt and some sneakers (no socks)
  • I like to wear clothes big enough to fit someone twice my size (so 80's)

A candy bar was $.45. My best friend would put $2 worth of gas in the tank for our joy riding. Concert tickets ranged from $12.50 to $22.50. A haircut and style was $15.00.

The Horror

  • My grades were mediocre (okay really bad)
  • I kept a junky room

I found a copy of my 11th grade report card with all four semesters - my final grades for Algebra and Chemistry were D's. 

My room looked like this. ===>

Now as a mom, I believe I have developed selective amnesia. My room was never that junky and I made good grades. 

My bad. Sorry mom and dad! Between my grades, my room and the guy I thought I would marry - I feel for you back then. Please don't give me the payback speech.

Here's the thing I would tell my younger self... Don't write that down, and don't save that. It will come back to bite you. In 2013, that book will be too incriminating to keep and too precious to throw away. You'll want to put it in a fire safe to hide it and protect it at the same time. 

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