Ice Cream on Weight Watchers

The only reason I didn't buy Blue Bell ice cream that day was because we already had ice cream at home. No - not really. It was because I wasn't going straight home when I saw it. Otherwise, I would have bought it even though we had ice cream at home.

I first tasted Blue Bell ice cream in 1996 when I went to meet my husband's family in his hometown of Louisiana. We didn't have Blue Bell where I was from. The taste was the next best thing to homemade or going to Baskin Robbins.



Ice cream may very well be the reason I've averaged -0.3 pounds of weight loss in 13 weeks. I don't eat it everyday, but if I had to chose one thing to eat everyday for the rest of my life, ice cream would be it.

My first job was at Baskin Robbins. I wonder how many little pink spoons in landfills have my DNA on them?

I tried and loved almost every flavor except for seasonal ones like Pumpkin and Egg Nog. I'm not fond of chocolate or strawberry ice cream either. But that left at least 28 more flavors to fall in love with. Thank goodness for track season where I was able to run off what almost daily eating of ice cream was doing to me. 

Back to Blue Bell....

It's a Week 13 Weight Watchers Update

I had figured out how to have a successful Weight Watchers points day that included vanilla ice cream and Oreos. The vanilla ice cream by Blue BUNNY was 4 points for a 1/2 cup and it was very good. HOWEVER, Blue BUNNY ain't got nothin' on Blue BELL. 

Unfortunately, that better tasting Blue Bell costs 1 extra extra point. #-o

I have budgeted Blue Bell into a few evenings where all I was going to eat was a bowl of broccoli. ;)) But then a 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream at 5 points just didn't cut it. I wasn't satisfied. [-)

So I decided I wasn't going to eat ice cream anymore. :^o

I still had to make an ice cream cone for Baby Bear after dinner. With that, I couldn't help but spoon it once or twice or three times which very well could have equaled a 1/4 cup that I did NOT count. I was tasting ice cream off the books and then pining for more. This wasn't going to work. 

Next time I went to the store, I stared at ALL the Blue Bell ice cream flavors as if there would be one for Weight Watchers. I stood there thankful that Papa Bear and Baby Bear's taste buds are SO vanilla I wouldn't be tempted to buy the Buttered Pecan.

orange swirl.JPG

Then my eyes fell on Orange Swirl - a pint size one - just for me. I calculated it to be 3 points for a 1/2 cup. YAY!!!

This was a combo favorite (vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet) that I often ate at Baskin Robbins. 

Orange Swirl is a very satisfying substitute for plain vanilla ice cream. The plus side is that it wouldn't be good with oreos and the bonus is that a small ice cream cone is ZERO points.

Damage control: When I want to take this being good to the next level, I'll brush my teeth with fluoride before I fix Baby Bear's ice cream cone. That'll do the not tasting trick.

Here's the thing... I've been working my butt off this week trying to break even once again. I'd love to tell you this week that muscle weighs more than fat. But my truth about ice cream on Weight Watchers is that ice cream fat weighs more than muscle. :-<

Week Thirteen: Gained yada yada stupid yada. Total Loss: 6 lbs

You do the math.