I blog sporadically consistent...

Do you remember when my blog was called Sporadic Publication and I signed my posts Sporadically Yours? You don't? Ok well, good. Here's the thing, you've probably never heard this story before...

It was May of 2010, that I spent a wonderful Mother's day all alone. My husband had gone to Louisiana to visit his mother with Baby Bear in tow. I was elated.

On the day they were due back they missed their connecting flight and had to spend the night in Atlanta. They had been gone for ten days and I was missing them. But that night, I found my writing voice again when I wrote the poem Refreshed.

It was approximately a month later when I published that poem as my very first blog entry on Post Confidential (my blog's first name) by Aynek Noillag Nosnhoj (my name spelled backwards) and only one person knew where to find me. 

This is a Finish the Sentence Friday post. "I blog because"...

I blog because it keeps my writing voice active and keeps me from living on Writer's Block - a dismal place where I don't want to ever live again.

In June of 2010, Antoinette Dickson, author of A Serendipitous Sojourn...  started a blog and encouraged me to do the same. 


Antoinette and I went to high school together and reconnected on Facebook. We were in Journalism class and the yearbook staff together way back in 1988.

A year after reconnecting on facebook Antoinette was editing my book, The Christopher Chronicles, something that wasn't even on my radar before I started blogging.

In October 2011, Antoinette sent me a message letting me know that blogger Nay of coffee-n-ink formerly of another blog name was looking to feature newbies each Monday. I wasn't a new blogger but I barely had any readers. My guest post on Nay's blog made my blog grow branches. 

My upcoming book was still a little known fact to no one and I was nervous about marketing it as a self-publisherBeing featured on Nay's blog gave me the guts to move forward in a more public way. I announced my real name, and bought my real name domain the next month. By the end of November when I made my book announcement, I had some people to tell.

While I initially started blogging just for me, having readership kept me accountable to continue writing. So thank you to Antoinette for getting me started, and each person who has supported my writing journey.

Here's the thing... I blog because of you.


Don't give up on your heart's desire. You may not be there yet, but stopping and walking away at this point certainly won't get you any closer. The only chance you stand of winning the race is to stay in it until the end. | Antoinette Dickson