"I never did mind the little things..."

Today Monday Listicles celebrates 100 listicles.

Stasha suggested that the celebratory theme be a list on "why listicles are great or anything else you fancy making a list about."

I fancied the anything else.

10 little things I never did mind...

  1. Sitting on the porch
  2. Doing nothing on vacation
  3. An old car
  4. Flying coach
  5. Eating off of paper plates
  6. Plain ugly feet
  7. A card for any occasion
  8. Being home alone
  9. A heirloom wedding ring
  10. Pizza for breakfast, ice cream for lunch and cereal for dinner

Here's the thing...

The Addendum

  1. I am cool with sitting outside on a beautiful day. No muss no bugs. 
  2. I am cool with not being entertained when visiting friends and family. I don't ever want to go to the mall.
  3. I never did mind an old car after I drove one that was paid for.
  4. I was cool with flying coach until I got a taste of flying business first class all the way to Hawaii. Now I can't stand coach for one hour. Then there's the time Baby Bear saw something inappropriate between the seats when we were flying coach.
  5. I was cool with eating off of paper plates because that's what we did growing up. We had wicker paper plate holders and everything. Now I'll use a real dish for everything because I have a dishwasher.
  6. I was cool with having ugly feet with unpolished toes until I couldn't find a closed toe sandal to safe my life. Now I have to work hard to girl up my feet.
  7. I am cool with a card for every occasion except when I tell you what I want and where to get it.
  8. It is what it is. No addendum necessary.
  9. was cool to let my grandmother's wedding ring be THE ring but my husband took me ring shopping, created a diamond quality monster out of me and then had me looking for something specific. 
  10. never did mind not having to cook. 

~The End~

Happy 100th linkup Monday Listicles. Though I've only participated 15% of the time, it has been fun and I've met a lot of great bloggers. Come join another link party here tomorrow (Tuesday Archive Link Up). Link up something old and get some new reads; any old listicle will do.