My Daddy: Gruff with love...

I made a quick trip home this weekend and with that comes a story.

It's a My Daddy post. He has his own "tag" and everything... 

But he's becoming quite the category.

My daddy is getting ready to retire and he was on pre-retirement leave this week. Guess what? He already broke something on his first day off. I had to tell him, “Slow your roll Bill Cosby.” At least Mom didn’t have to call a plumber behind his back. He told her he had to call the plumber.

Daddy and I manage to get on each other’s nerves at least once or twice in a short visit. Mom had a hair appointment and looked at daddy before she left saying, “The pancake batter is in the refrigerator.” He looked at me then and I looked at him and said, “What are you looking at me for?” You know, because I’m off the clock. Papa Bear stayed home.


Mom leaves and I proceed to make my cup of Keurig coffee. Next thing I know daddy is walking across the room with my coffee cup. I said, “Excuse me, that’s not yours. I’m not your wife.” So he hands me my coffee and proceeds to go and make his own. Then he managed to time his exercising with Christopher asking, “Mom what’s for breakfast?” So I had to make the pancakes.

After a while daddy comes down and says “I guess I’ll make a protein shake for breakfast and save pancakes for tomorrow.” He didn’t want to make the pancakes.

After mom gets home she asks him why he never washes his blender out that can’t go in the dishwasher. The blender is gross after his blueish green concoction of a protein drink. So I say, “Yeah, how come you never wash the blender?” Then I add, “That’s something you can start doing after you retire.”

There’s a way that his forehead goes back when I’ve struck a nerve and he’ll say, “Pam make her leave me alone.” That phrase goes back to when I learned how to talk.

So on with the afternoon comes payback. He says something like, “I haven’t read your blog in a long time; it got boring. All you do is talk about Weight Watchers. It’s like your Tae Bo posts. I mean Insanity.”

There’s probably a way my eyes flash and I look at my mom in a way that says, tell daddy to leave me alone. 

I huffed to no one... 

"I’ll have you know, SOMEBODY thinks I'm interesting. Wednesday is the most popular day on Here’s the thing AND the past few weeks my Weight Watchers articles have been printed in US Weekly. I mean featured in Weight Watchers Daily. So there." 

I'll keep that to myself, he wouldn't know what that meant anyway. What I really said was, “I write about Weight Watchers on Wednesdays” and then I changed the subject.

At some point in the day I suggested that he wash my car. He said, “Why? I’m not your husband.” I pleaded by telling him it hadn’t been washed since the last time he said it was dirty. I didn’t know how many trips worth of bugs it had on it. He gruffed.


Next thing I know daddy was washing my car!!

He said, “It’s a shame for a car to be in that bad of shape. I felt sorry for it.”

I gave him some space and let him proceed without telling me how bad it was.

Next thing I know daddy was WAXING my car!

I barely can tell you when it was last washed. So I really can't say when it was last waxed. 2008?

I went outside to thank him again. I said, “Wow it looks great!” He gruffed, “I haven’t even done that side yet.”

Later on he reminded me that getting the bugs off was the hardest part and then I got fussed at because I needed water in my battery – something like that.

Here's the thing... I'll give him a big wet kiss on the forehead tomorrow that means thanks. He'll shuffle his feet and gruff, "You need some gas."

~The End~